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Treasure Trail Help
» Treasure Trail Help

Original Guide By: Phobia_*
Updated By: The RuneScape Help Team

Table of Contents
1.0 - Introduction
2.0 - Clue Droppers & Rewards
3.0 - Co-ordinates
4.0 - Riddles / Brainteasers
5.0 - Maps
6.0 - Speak to...
7.0 - Anagrams
8.0 - Mathematical
9.0 - Class 3 Combat Clues

1.0 - Introduction

Got your first Treasure Trail Clue Scroll, and spending hours and hours frustrating over them being unsolved? Fret not! Everything you need to know can be found in this Guide. If you are not sure what Treasure Trails are, here is a brief description.

Certain monsters in RuneScape will drop 'Clues'. After picking them you will be able to 'Read' them to find out what the clue is. To solve the clue you may need to search crates, talk to a person or dig up a casket in the ground. Once you solve the clue you will get another one. After solving a number of clues you will finally be given a reward. This reward depends on the class of the clue you were given.

The following sections will explain the reward system, and give you answers to all the clues in RuneScape.

2.0 - Clue Droppers & Rewards

As said before, the rewards for clues can be separated into three different classes. Class 1 being the easiest to get and Class 3 being the most difficult. The level of your reward depends on the monster you got your clue from. This table will tell you which clues are dropped by which monsters.

Class Monsters Level
Class 1 Man/Woman 2
Mugger 2
Goblin 2, 5
Barbarian 7
Barbarian 8
Al-Kharid Warrior 9
Thug 10
Rock Crab 13
Rogue 15
Thief 16
Fremennik Citizen < 20
H.A.M. Member 12, 18, 22
Banshee 23
Afflicted 30, 37
Class 2 Mort'ton Black Chests N/A
Guard 21
Man/Woman 24
Tribesman 32
Cockatrice 37
Pyrefiend 42
Fremennik Warrior 48
Jogre 53
Ice Warrior 57
Paladin 59
Vampire 72
Dagganoth 74
Skeleton 80
Class 3 Mort'ton Silver Chests N/A
Jelly 78
Green Dragon 79
Turoth 83, 85, 87
Elf Warrior 90
Greater Demon 92
Aberrant Specter 96
Kurask 106
Elf Warrior 108
Blue Dragon 111
Gargoyle 111
Nechryael 115
Hellhound 122
Abyssal Demon 124
Bronze Dragon 131
Red Dragon 152
Iron Dragon 189
Black Dragon 227
Steel Dragon 246

Now you may be asking yourself, what rewards will you get with different leveled clues. Well, normally a harder clue you will get a better reward however this is not always the case. The below table will tell you the possible rewards for each clue class. Remember, you are guaranteed an item listed below however the number and value of the items will vary.

Class Possible Rewards
Class 1
Black Armor
Black Armor (T)
Black Armor (G)
Beret (Blue, Black, or White)
Highwayman Mask
Wizard Boots
Torn Page (G, S, Z)
Steel Pickaxe
Black Weapons
Chaos, Nature, Body or Elemental Runes
Air Staff
Sapphire Amulet
Trout or Salmon
Green Dragonhide Armor
Normal, Oak, or Willow Bows
Class 2
Adamant Armor
Adamant Armor (T)
Adamant Armor (G)
Headband (Red, Brown, or Black)
Ranger Boots
Wizard Boots
Torn Page (Z, S, G)
Adamant Pickaxe
Adamant Weapons
Nature, Law or Elemental Runes
Fire Staff
Diamond Amulet
Lobsters or Swordfish
Green Dragonhide Armor
Maple or Yew Bows
Class 3
Rune Armor
Rune Armor (T)
Rune Armor (G)
Guthix Armor
Zamorak Armor
Saradomin Armor
Gilded Armor
Cavalier (Brown or Black)
Robin Hood Hat
Pirate Hat (Brown or Black)
Torn Page (Z, S, G)
Rune Pickaxe
Rune Weapons
Law, Nature or Blood Runes
Sharks, Lobsters or Swordfish
Black Dragonhide Armor
Magic Bows

3.0 - Co-ordinates
A Co-ordinate Clue will be in a Clue Scroll form like any other normal Clues. You will see something like "02 Degrees 48 Minutes North, 22 Degrees 30 Minutes East" To solve these types of Clues, you'll have to have four important things in your inventory at all times while attempting it. The four items includes:

1) Watch
2) Sextant
3) Navigation Chart
4) Spade

To start, talk to the Observatory Professor, who is located in the Observatory, South of Ardougne. Ask him to help you with your Treasure Trail Clue. He will tell you to get a Watch and a Sextant.
To get the Watch, speak to Brother Kojo, who is in the Clock Tower, located South of Ardougne.
To get the sextant, speak to Murphy, who is the Trawler Guide in Port Khazard, located North-east of Yanille.
Once you have gotten these 2 items, go back to the Observatory Professor and talk to him. He will brief you regarding the usage of the Sextant and he'll also hand you a Navigation Chart.

Using your Sextant, Watch and Navigation Chart
  1. Click on your Sextant. You will be shown the Sextant Display.
  2. Click on the up and down arrows until you have the horizon in the middle of the eye-piece.
  3. Click the left and right arrows to move the sun to the center of the eye-piece as well.
  4. When your eye-piece looks like the one at the bottom, click 'Get location' to know your exact co-ordinate you are standing at now.
  5. Move around accordingly to find the place you are required to go and use your spade to dig at that position.

Note: When you are attempting a Co-ordinate Clues which involves the Wilderness, a Zamorak Wizard will appear when you try to dig at the location. Kill it and dig at that spot again to receive your next Clue Scroll or reward.

Co-ordinates Answer Map
00 Degrees 00 Minutes North
07 Degrees 13 Minutes West
The lake North-West of Tyras Camp in Isafdar, Tirannwn. Map
00 Degrees 05 Minutes South
01 Degrees 13 Minutes East
Directly East of the Observatory, on the other side of the river. Dig on the South-east side of the Lonely Willow Tree. Map
00 Degrees 13 Minutes South
13 Degrees 58 Minutes East
West of the General Store in Karamja. Dig between the 2 lakes. Map
00 Degrees 18 Minutes South
09 Degrees 28 Minutes East
The Gold Mine in Brimhaven. Map
00 Degrees 30 Minutes North
24 Degrees 16 Minutes East
North east of the Lost City shack in the Lumbridge Swamps. Map
00 Degrees 31 Minutes South
17 Degrees 43 Minutes East
South of the ladder, which leads to the Ice Cavern. The ladder is located on a hill South of Port Sarim Jail. Dig by the Leafy trees. Map
01 Degrees 24 Minutes North
08 Degrees 05 Minutes West
Lake in the Elves forest. Map
01 Degrees 26 Minutes North
08 Degrees 01 Minutes East
Dig at the highest point in the middle of the Moss Giant Island, West of Brimhaven. You will need around 10 Agility to get across the Island. Map
01 Degrees 33 Minutes North
04 Degrees 15 Minutes East
North of Fight Arena. Directly West of the Castle North of Fight Arena. Map
01 Degrees 35 Minutes South
07 Degrees 28 Minutes East
The Jungle Spider Island east of Yanille. 2 bridges connect the Island. Dig by the rock. Map
02 Degrees 46 Minutes North
29 Degrees 11 Minutes East
Dueling Arena in Al-Kharid. Map
02 Degrees 48 Minutes North
22 Degrees 30 Minutes East
East of Draynor City Jail, you'll see a small hut surrounded by Level 2 Giant Spiders. Dig behind the hut. Map
02 Degrees 50 Minutes North
06 Degrees 20 Minutes East
South-east of the Ardougne Zoo, North-west of the Necromancer. Dig by the North-east side of the group of 3 Willow trees. Map
03 Degrees 45 Minutes South
22 Degrees 45 Minutes East
Near the pond in Bedabin Camp. Bedabin Camp is in Shantay Desert in Al Kharid. Dig between the two Trees. Map
04 Degrees 00 Minutes South
12 Degrees 46 Minutes East
Dig in the middle of the Mining area North of Shilo Village. It's not the gem rocks inside Shilo Village. Don’t be confused. Map
04 Degrees 03 Minutes South
03 Degrees 11 Minutes East
Located in one of the houses in Gu’Tanoth. Map
04 Degrees 05 Minutes South
04 Degrees 24 Minutes East
On the small island east of Gu’Tanoth. Map
04 Degrees 13 Minutes North
12 Degrees 45 Minutes East
Crandor Island. The area where the King scorpion are, East of the Mining area. Dig at the Northern most part. Map
04 Degrees 16 Minutes South
16 Degrees 16 Minutes East
Shipyard in Karamja. Dig outside the entrance of the Southern. Map
05 Degrees 37 Minutes North
31 Degrees 15 Minutes East
Southern part of Mort Myre Swamp. Map
05 Degrees 43 Minutes North
23 Degrees 05 Minutes East
Located in the cow pen North of the Windmill between Draynor and Lumbridge. Go all the way North to the tip of the stream. Map
05 Degrees 50 Minutes South
10 Degrees 05 Minutes East
Cairn Isle, West of Shilo Village. Dig by the rock in the Hut. Map
06 Degrees 11 Minutes South
15 Degrees 07 Minutes East
South-East of the Karamja Ship Yard. East of Shilo Village across the river. Map
06 Degrees 31 Minutes North
01 Degrees 46 Minutes West
South-west of the Gnome Tree Stronghold, there are 3 lakes. Dig between the 2 most Eastern lakes. Map
07 Degrees 05 Minutes North
30 Degrees 56 Minutes East
Mort Myre Swamp. Map
07 Degrees 33 Minutes North
15 Degrees 00 Minutes East
Located in the Lady of the Lake, South of the gate in Taverley. Dig on top of some leaves. Map
07 Degrees 43 Minutes South
12 Degrees 26 Minutes East
Kharazi Jungle Map
08 Degrees 03 Minutes North
31 Degrees 16 Minutes East
Mort Myre Swamp Map
08 Degrees 05 Minutes South
15 Degrees 56 Minutes East
South-East of Kharazi Jungle, South of Shilo Village. Dig east of the Totem Pole. Map
08 Degrees 26 Minutes South
10 Degrees 28 Minutes East
The peninsula all the way South-West of Kharazi Jungle, South of Shilo Village. Map
08 degrees 33 minutes North
01 degrees 39 minutes West
North of the Bridge in the Fishing Area in Tree Gnome Stronghold. Just outside the gate. Dig on the small rocks directly East of the Willow Tree. Map
09 Degrees 33 Minutes North
02 Degrees 15 Minutes East
Baxtorian Falls, Second island on the Waterfall. Use your rope on the rock on the island, which has the option "Swim to". After that, use your rope on the dead tree on the island. Dig right before the dead tree on the edge of the waterfall. Map
11 degrees 03 minutes North
31 degrees 20 minutes East
North-West of Canifis. Dig by the fence. Map
11 degrees 05 minutes North
00 degrees 45 minutes West
The Swamp in Tree Gnome Stronghold. Dig between the 2 lakes. Map
11 degrees 41 minutes North
14 degrees 58 minutes East
Burthorpe, inside the Pubs fenced outdoor area with the park tables. Map
16 Degrees 03 Minutes North
14 Degrees 07 Minutes East
In the middle of Trollheim, Troll Stronghold. Map
16 Degrees 07 Minutes North
22 Degrees 45 Minutes East
In the Graveyard of Shadows in level 20 Wilderness. Starting from the East entrance, follow the curly road until you see a dead tree. Dig directly North of the dead tree. Map
16 Degrees 31 Minutes North
12 Degrees 54 Minutes East
Troll Stronghold. Dig next to the sleeping Troll. Map
16 Degrees 43 Minutes North
19 Degrees 13 Minutes East
In the Bandits Camp in level 22 Wilderness. Walk past the house with Giant Rats, in the corner by the lake, all the way East, in the broken wall. Map
18 Degrees 50 Minutes North
20 Degrees 26 Minutes East
Hobgoblin Mine in level 32 Wilderness. Map
19 Degrees 00 Minutes North
27 Degrees 23 Minutes East
Located East of the Black Knight's Stronghold in level 32 Wilderness. Map
19 Degrees 00 Minutes North
27 Degrees 13 Minutes East
At the spot where the Steel Dagger spawns in the Black Knight's Stronghold, in level 32 Wilderness. Pick up the Steel Dagger and dig at that spot. Map
19 Degrees 43 Minutes North
25 Degrees 07 Minutes East
In the Chaos Dwarf area in level 34 Wilderness, North of the Boneyard. Dig exactly in the middle of the 4 large, white rocks. Map
20 Degrees 05 Minutes North
21 Degrees 52 Minutes East
In the Moss Giants area in level 36 Wilderness, East of the Red Dragon Isle. Dig near the plant. Map
20 Degrees 33 Minutes North
15 Degrees 48 Minutes East
Just South of the Zamorak Prayer Altar in the level 38 Wilderness. Map
21 Degrees 24 Minutes North
17 Degrees 54 Minutes East
The caged Lesser Demon cage in the level 41 Wilderness. Dig near the ladder to the Dungeon. Map
22 Degrees 35 Minutes North
19 Degrees 18 Minutes East
Between the rune rocks in level 46 Wilderness, North of the Lava Maze. Map
22 Degrees 45 Minutes North
26 Degrees 33 Minutes East
At the Greater Demon's Demonic Ruins in level 47 Wilderness. Dig on the most Northern most pentagram, denoted by the red star on the ground. Map
24 Degrees 24 Minutes North
26 Degrees 24 Minutes East
The Rogues’ Castle in level 52+ Wilderness. Map
24 Degrees 56 Minutes North
22 Degrees 28 Minutes East
North of the Deserted Keep in level 56 Wilderness. Use the Ardougne lever to teleport to deep Wilderness, go North and slash the web. You should see 3 small craters in front of you. Dig between the left and middle crater. Map
24 Degrees 58 Minutes North
18 Degrees 43 Minutes East
Directly behind the Pirates’ Hideout in level 56 Wilderness. Map
25 Degrees 03 Minutes North
17 Degrees 05 Minutes East
Located West of the Agility Camp in level 56 Wilderness. All the way North, near the Agility Camp's fence. Map
25 Degrees 03 Minutes North
23 Degrees 34 Minutes East
Behind the Magic Axe Hut in level 56 Wilderness, West of the Scorpion Pit. Dig slightly North-east of the Magic Axe Hut. Map

4.0 - Riddles / Brainteasers
These are one of the hardest clues you'll have to solve. These clues are a kind of riddle based upon some fanciful or fantastic resemblance between things quite unlike; a puzzling question, of which the answer is or involves a pun. Here's a list of Riddles sorted out in alphabetical order:

Riddle Answer
46 is its number,
it is burnt orange body,
things with 8 crawl on it,
it has 3 mouths that cant eat
and it has a blue eye hiding it's grave.
Sapphire respawn in the Spiders' Nest, level 46 Wilderness. Dig below the Sapphire with your spade.
A bag belt only?
He asked his balding brothers.
Speak to Abbot Langley in the Monastery North-west of Barbarian Village.
Aggie I see
Lonely and southern I feel
I am neither inside nor outside
the house, yet no house would
be complete without me.
Your treasure waits beneath me.
Dig by the window of Aggie the Witch's house in Draynor Village.
A great view - watch the rapidly drying hides get splashed Check the box your say on. Baxtorian Falls. Search crates upstairs the house.
A town with a different sort of night life is your destination.
Search for some crates in one of the houses.
Search the Crates in the clothes shop in Canifis, Morytania.
Beware of the dog. Go to the Mansion in East Ardougne and kill a Guard Dog to get the key.
City of thieves. Ardougne
Citric Cellar. The Gnome who sells cocktail supplies in the Grand Tree.
Come to the evil ledge.
Yew know you want to
And try not to get stung.
Dig East of the yew tree in Edgeville.
Don't forget to feed the chickens. Kill a chicken to get the key to the drawer.
Dig near some giant mushrooms behind the Grand Tree. Dig near the largest mushroom behind the Grand Tree.
Find a crate near a monk that likes to paaaaaarty! The crate in the Ardougne Chapel where Brother Cedric is.
Four blades I have
yet I draw no blood.
But I mash and turn
my victims to powder.
Search in my head,
search in my rafters,
Where my blades are louder.
Search the crates in the top floor of the Windmill located between Draynor and Lumbridge.
Generally speaking,
his nose was very bent.
Speak to General Bentnoze in the Goblin Village North of Falador.
Go to the village being attacked by trolls, search the drawers in one of the houses. Search the drawers in Dunstan's house in Burthorpe, the guy who adds spikes to your Climbing Boots.
I am the token of the strongest love.
My middle is empty, I have no
beginning or end. My eye is red yet
I can fit like a glove. Go to the
place where money they lend. And
dig by the gate to be my friend.
There's a Ruby Ring locked in the basement of the West Bank in Varrock. Dig by the gate to receive your next clue/reward.
Identify the back of this over-acting brother.
(He's a long way from home).
Hamid the Monk in the Duel Arena Chapel, north of the Arena.
If a man carried my burden,
he would break his back.
I am not rich,
but leave silver in my track.
Speak to the keeper of this trail.
The answer to this riddle is “A snail”. Talk to the Gerrant the Fishing Shop Owner in Port Sarim.
I lie lonely and forgotten
in mid wilderness
Where the dead rise from their beds
Feel free to quarrel and wind me up
And dig while you shoot their heads.
Under the Crossbow respawn in the Graveyard of Shadows in level 18 Wilderness. Pick up crossbow and dig under it.
In a town where thieves steal from stalls search for some drawers in the upstairs of a house near the bank. Go to Jerico's house located in the West side of river in East Ardougne. Go up to the Second floor and try opening the drawer. You will need to kill a Guard to get the key.
In a town where wizard's hang out search upstairs of the large house to the north. North of the Magic Guild in Yanille, there’s a house with a chest on the Second floor. You will need to kill a Man to get a key for the chest.
In a town with guards armed with maces, search the upstairs room of the public house. Located in the Second floor of Ardougne Tavern, North of the Castle. Search the drawers and you'll find that it's locked.
In a village made of bamboo look for some crates under one of the houses. Search the crates in one of the houses in Tai Bwo Wannai village.
It's a guard's life. Kill a Guard to get the key
Look for locked drawers in a house opposite a workshop in a town where everyone has perfect vision. South of the house with anvils in Seers Village.
Look in the ground floor crates of houses in Falador. The house located East of the East Bank in Falador. Search the first crate on right.
Look in the drawers upstairs in houses in East Ardougne. Located in the Second floor of Ardougne Tavern, North of the Castle.
Mine was the stranger birth under the sun. I left the crimson sack yet my life had not begun. Entered the World, and yet was seen by none. Under Karamja Volcano, by the Red Spider Eggs respawn.
Must be full of railings. Search the crates around the hut where the broken Dwarf Cannon is.
My Giant guardians below
the market streets would
be fans of rock and roll,
if only they could grab hold of it
Dig near my green bubbles
Dig next to the cauldron (A big pot with green bubbling liquid) in the Varrock sewers by the Moss Giants.
My home is grey and made of stone
A castle with a search for a meal
Hidden in some drawers I am
Across from a wooden wheel.
Search the drawers on the second floor of Lumbridge Castle, inside the room with a spinning wheel.
My name is like a tree,
yet it is spelt with a "g"
come see the fur
which is right near me.
Speak to Wilough, next to the Fur Merchant in Varrock Square.
Often examined by learners of what has passed, find me where words of wisdom speak volumes. Speak to the Examiner at Digsite.
Property of Black Heather. Kill Black Heather in the Bandit's Camp in level 23 Wilderness to get the key for the chest.
Read 'how to breed scorpions.' By O.W.Thathurt. A bookshelf on the Northern Wall, of the Second Floor of the Sorcerer's Tower (South of Seers).
Search the boxes in the house near the South entrance to Varrock. Located in Horvik's Armory, South-east of Varrock Castle.
Search the crate in the left hand tower of Lumbridge castle. Search the crate located in the Southern Guard Tower in Lumbridge Castle.
Search the crates in the Guard House of the northern gate of East Ardougne. Just east past the north eastern most gate of East Ardougne is the guard house.
Search the crates in the shed just north of east Ardougne. The barn located North of the North-west bank in East Ardougne by the diseased sheep, where you get the Prod for the Sheep Herder Quest.
Search the crates near a cart in Varrock Inside the courtyard of Varrock Castle.
Search the drawers upstairs in a house in a village where the pirates have a good time. The house east from the pub in Brimhaven. You have to kill a pirate to get a key, which unlocks the drawers.
Search the chest upstairs of shops in Port Sarim. The chest upstairs the food shop in Port Parim.
Snah? i feel all confused like one of those cakes... Speak to Hans in Lumbridge Castle.
Shiver me Timbers. Kill a Pirate.
'small shoe' often found with rod on mushroom. Gnome Trainer at Gnome Stronghold Agility Course.
Stand by your man. Kill the level 2 Man downstairs to get a key for the chest.
Surprising? I bet he is.... Speak to Sir Prysin on the first floor of Varrock Castle.
The beasts to my east
snap claws and tails
The rest to my west
can slide and eat fish
The northern are silly
and jump and wail
Dig by my fire and make a wish.
Between the Penguins and the Scorpions in the Ardougne Zoo. Dig by the torch.
The crate in the ground floor of a church is your next location. Next to ladder in the Ardougne church.
There is no "Worthier" Lord. Lord Iowerth in the Elf Camp in Tirannwn
The Keeper of Melzars...
Spare? Skeleton? Anar?
Speak to Oziach, the Rune Plate seller. He is located in a hut North of Barbarian Village, between the Monastery and Edgeville.
This aviator is at his peak of his profession. Talk to the Gnome Pilot at White Wolf Mountain.
Wait till I get my hands on Penda,
He's nicked the key again!
Talk to Penda in the Toad and Chicken bar of Burthorpe.
When no weapons are at hand,
now it is time to reflect,
in saradomins name!
Redemption draws closer...
Entrana. Search the drawers in the house with the glassblowing pipe.
You'll need to look for a town with a central fountain. Look for a locked chest in the town's chapel. Varrock Church. The chest says "Property of Black Heather". Kill Black Heather in the Bandit's Camp in level 23 Wilderness to get the key for the chest.
You will need to under a cook to solve this one. Search the crates in basement of Lumbridge Castle.

5.0 - Maps
There will be times where you will only see a Map of a place in RuneScape as your clue. As a treasure hunter, you're supposed to locate the exact location of this place and dig at where the "X" is located. These maps are usually very rough sketches and you'll need lots of knowledge of the game to be able to tell the exact location. Here's the list of maps you'll encounter:

Map Location
Dig, West of Champions Guild
Search Crate, Dark Knight Fortress in the Level 14 Wilderness
Dig, Near Galahad's House (West of McGrubor's Wood)
Dig, South of Draynor Village
Dig, Near the western building in Rimmington
Dig, Wizards Tower which is south of Draynor Village
Dig, In a house of West Ardougne
Search crate, In a house in the Goblin Village near the Observatory
Dig, Southeast corner of Yanille
Dig, Peninsula west of Crafting Guild
Search crate, In McGrubor'sWoods
Search crate, Near the Clock tower (South of East Ardougne)
Dig, West of Necromancer's Tower
Search crate, In Lumberyard (Northeast of Varrock)
Dig, Near the mine southeast of Varrock
Dig, In the enclosed area north of Falador

6.0 - Speak to ...
"Speak to...." clues are very common. Besides them, there are other NPCs, which you might need to find while working on your Treasure Trail Clue. Here's a list of NPCs that you'll encounter:

Person Town - Location
Arhein Catherby – The Dock in Catherby outside the Bank
Bartender Varrock – In the Blue Moon Inn, across the Sword Shop
Bartender Port Sarim – In the Rusty Anchor Bar
Black Heather Bandit's Camp – In level 23 Wilderness
Donovan Sinclair Mansion – North-West of Camelot Castle, on the second floor
Doric In the house with anvils – East of the gate to Taverley
Gaius Taverley – 2-Handed Sword Shop
General Bentnoze Goblin Village – North of Falador
Hajedy Brimhaven – Near the Brimhaven port
Hans Lumbridge – Castle
Hazelmere Jungle Spiders Island – East of Yanille, Second floor of the Hut
Kangai Mau Brimhaven – Dead Man's Chest Bar
Kebab Seller Al Kharid – Kebab Store, South of the furnace
King Bolren Tree Gnome Maze – By the Spirit Tree
Lowe Varrock – Lowe's Archery Store
Luthas Karamja – In the Banana Plantation
Murphy Port Khazard – Pier
Monk Ardougne – Clock Tower
Ned Draynor – Outside a house in Draynor Village
Oracle Ice Mountain – South of the Black Knight's Fortress
Party Pete Seer's Village – Party Hall
Referee Gnome Stronghold – Gnome-Ball course
Roavar Canifis - Bar
Sir Kay Seer's Village – Camelot Castle
Squire Falador – White Knights Castle
Tanner Al Kharid – North of the furnace
Ulizius Mort Myre - Outside the Gates
Zeke Al Kharid – Scimitar Shop, East of the Tanner
Zoo Keeper Ardougne – Zoo

7.0 - Anagrams
An Anagram is a word spelled by rearranging the letters of the original word. Anagram Clues are usually names of different NPCs in RuneScape when properly rearranged. Here's the list of Anagrams you'll have to decipher:

Anagram NPC Town - Location
A Bas Saba Burthorpe – South of the Troll Camp, in his little cave
Aha Jar Jaraah Al-Kharid – Duel Arena Hospital
Are Col Oracle Ice Mountain – South of Black Knight's Fortress
Bar Bell Seek Kebab Seller Al-Kharid – First building South of the Bank
Bail Trims Brimstail Tree Gnome Stronghold – Cave in the South-West corner
Eek Zero Op Zookeeper East Ardougne – South-west corner on the East side of river
El Ow Lowe Varrock – Lowe's Archery Store
Goblin Kern King Bolren Gnome Maze – By the Tree Spirit
Halt Us Luthas Karamja – In the Banana Plantation
Icy Fe Fycie Gu'Tanoth – South of Yanille, in a cave north of Rantz
Me If Femi Tree Gnome Stronghold – By the Entrance
Ok Co Cook Lumbridge – Castle's Kitchen
Peaty Pert Party Pete Seers Village – South of the Bank

8.0 - Mathematical
This is another type of Clue Scroll that you'll receive. These clues test your knowledge of RuneScape as well as challenging Mathematical problem sums and equations. When you get a these type of Clue Scrolls, you will need to figure out the answer, and return to who ever gave you the challenge, and give him/her the answer, where you'll get your next clue/reward. Here's the list of Mathematical Clues and their respective answers:

Problem Sum Answer
19 to the power of 3 6859
What is 57x89+23? 5096
If x is 15 and y is 3, what is 3x + y? 48
I have 16 kebabs, I eat one myself and share the rest equally between 3 friends how many do they have each? 5
How many cannons does Lumbridge Castle have? 9
How many animals in the Ardougne Zoo? 40

9.0 - Class 3 Combat Clues

When doing a class 3 co-ordinate clue, you may encounter a strong Wizard. In the Wilderness this monster will be a Zamorak Wizard which will use the Flames of Zamorak spell. Outside the wildness a Saradomin Wizard will appear and use the Saradomin Strike spell or a Poisoned Dragon Dagger. Here are some helpful hints to use in these fights.

Bring two doses of Antipoison Potion, runes to cast whatever Snare or Entangle spell you can at least five times (just to be safe), Runes to cast Fire Bolt+/Magic Shortbow and Steel Arrows+/Rune+ Halberd, and two to four Prayer Potions (3) or (4). Right before you dig, flip on "Protect from Magic." Dig, and immediately cast Entangle on the level 108 Saradomin Priest. Run five or more steps away (or three if using a Halberd) and attack him. When he is mobile, cast it again, walk away, and repeat.
Breakdown Type 1 - A Clue with protection or barricades

Item Recommendation:
  • Spade
  • Sextant
  • Watch
  • Enough Prayer points for the fight, 30+ recommended (43 Prayer recommended, 37 required)
  • Navigation Chart
  • Two Antipoison Potions or more
  • 50+ HP worth of food JUST IN CASE
  • Rune/Dragon Halberd -OR- Blue Dragonhide + Magic Shortbow + Steel+ Arrows -OR- Runes to cast Fire Bolt AT LEAST 50 times, 100+ recommended

LOCATIONS APPLICABLE: The clue in the Kharazi Jungle southwestern tip. The Clue Southwest of the Elven Camp. The Clue on the Gu'Tanoth Island.

STRATEGY: Stand on the location to dig, and immediately flip on "Protect from Melee." Dig right after and run behind the nearest thing (an obstacle such as a corpse or stick-trap). Fight over it with Protect from Magic on now, and if he poisoned you, drink a dose of antipoison. He'll die pretty easily and you can dig for your casket.

Breakdown Type 2 - A clue with no protection or barricades

Item Recommendation:

  • Spade
  • Sextant
  • Watch
  • Enough Prayer points for the fight, 45+ recommended (43 Prayer recommended, 37 required)
  • Navigation Chart
  • Four Antipoison Potions or more
  • 2 Prayer Potions or more
  • 100+ HP worth of food JUST IN CASE
  • Runes to cast Entangle, Snare or Bind
  • Rune/Dragon Halberd -OR- Blue Dragonhide + Magic Shortbow + Steel+ Arrows -OR- Runes to cast Fire Bolt AT LEAST 50 times, 100+ recommended

LOCATIONS APPLICABLE: Anywhere, but try to use method one before this. This is a final resort.

STRATEGY: Stand on the location to dig, and immediately flip on "Protect from Melee." Dig right after and run a few steps away (five squares or so). Cast your bind spell on the Priest. Fight him with Protect from Magic on now, and if he poisoned you, drink a dose of poison. When he starts to come at you, cast another spell and take a few steps away. Repeat until he is defeated, and dig for your well-earned casket.

NOTE: If your clue is in the Wilderness, just bring a weapon and amulet, and make sure you have at least 30 Prayer points. Just use Protect from Magic the whole time; the Zamorak Wizard can only use Magic.